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Parenting is a physical job too, especially as kids grow and start exploring on their own! That's why our home video series is here to help you build the strength you need using just your body weight.

Learn how to boost your muscle health and stamina, so you can keep up with your little ones in every precious moment, whether it's wrestling them into clothes, chasing after them on their first bike, or carrying them up the stairs. With our straightforward video series, you can gain the confidence to be actively present in all these moments, right from the comfort of your home.

This course was designed specifically for ‘Moms’ in mind.

With A Background In ‘Human And Exercise Rehabilitation’, I Created It Safely Around Issues That May Have Been Highlighted Due To Childbirth, Specifically Pelvic Girdle Pain, Pelvic Floor And Prolapse Issues, Diastasis Recti Along With Stiffness And Lack Of Mobility (Due To Fatigue And Sustained Postures In First Few Months). Within This Platform You Will Move And Strengthen Your Body So You Can Keep Up With Your Kids As They Grow And Explore.

Get The Body Moving As ONE To Help Keep It Healthy
Increases Muscular Activity In Pelvic Floor (Help Avoid Leaking)
Improves Awareness To Be Able To Keep The Walls In The Abdominal Tightened
Stress Management & Will Help Improve Sleep
Increases Overall Muscular Strength Using Your Own Body Weight
Improve Mood & Confidence

What you're getting inside YOUR Pilates Post Strong Moma’s program:

Your Strong Moma’s program is a 5 week progressive program, that guides you through your movement with instructional videos that you can follow in your own time.

Why you can’t ignore doing this for yourself anymore!

Continued weakness and lack of awareness in the abdominal (tummy) wall
Weakness and lack of awareness in the Pelvic Floor
Continued pad wearing due to leaking
Prolapse issues that can be present now or down the line
Inability to move and play with your child
Decrease strength and confidence
Increases aches and pains


Our Customers Love Us!

Kate Oconner

"Online class was perfectly convenient for the demands of working full time and family life"

A woman and a child posing for a picture.

 "After 3 pregnancies and serious pelvic floor trauma I have found Strong Moma's to be a fantastic programme. Laura's knowledge and passion regarding post natal exercises is evident and this programme supports mobility and strengthening in a dynamic safe and enjoyable way" 

A woman sitting on a blue couch holding a baby.

"Strong Moms is brilliantly designed....class really made me tune into my posture, core strength and how to move properly to avoid injury"

How much does Pilates Strong Moma’s Recovery cost?

The peace of mind of not having to worry about ‘the just incase pee’ or sneezing out in public. Not having to always think twice about how you pick your baby up or whether your back is going to be ok if you lower that cot bed. These are all things that shouldn’t even have to cross your mind but yet they do if you're not feeling confident.

Pelvic Floor health is something that people take for grant due to the normalising of incontinence pads advertisement. It can be something that can affect you after birth or even years later, but this does not have to be the case Pilates is a great foundation to your fitness. It improves muscular activity, balance within the body and gives you the tools you need to help you manage any aches and pains you have while getting you stronger from the inside out. Post Natal Pilates is a great foundations to build your fitness on and we take you through it step by step over a 6 session progressive. You can start today and have access for 24/7 instant access for only €80 OR sign up to our payment option and pay €55.99 upfront and €5.99 per month with the option to cancel ANYTIME.

So what other useful tips and bonuses do we have for YOU?

After I had Annabelle (my first baby) , she was my focus. I wanted to have it that way as many other women out there do, it’s a maternal thing. Learning from my personal experience Ive planned for this.

I put together specific bitesize tutorials, meditation sessions so you can take a step back from it all as well as expert chats specific to post natal that you’ll get within the section. Not to mention the 24/7 instant access.

Expert Interviews
Expert interviews with Women’s Health professionals; Lorraine (Midwife), Rachel (Doula) and Gail (Nutritionist) (Invaluable).
Useful Videos
Useful tutorial video’s on topics such as “How to do a Pelvic Tilt” and why it is so important to be able to do this movement, I will bring you through stretching routines and more, to help improve your strength and flexibility throughout your pregnancy. Valued at €145
Meditation Sessions
Meditation sessions to help you slow down and take time for yourself. This can be a mentally and physically taxing time, so we have a deep relaxation, a grounding meditation as well as a meditation to help you focus on your breath. Valued at €69
Private Facebook Group
Most importantly the private Facebook page. This page will be a space to support each other and share your experiences with other   Mums. I have learned so much about what to expect and picked up great tips from other Mums, not to mention gained reassurance when I needed it. Value @ Priceless

Hi, I'm Laura, I'll be taking you through the lessons.

I have two kids, Annabelle born in 2018, and Cayla born in 2020 and they’ve thought me so much. Totally different pregnancy and births but Ive learnt so much from them.

The 'mom guilts’ defiantly begins when the first comes but you grow and get stronger with them, you have no choice. I found my second pregnancy a lot tougher but I wasn’t fit and personally I think that effected me throughout that pregnancy but it also gave me the push I needed to get strong post natally.

As they’re growing I am able to lift and carry them along with all their belongings, but I can do this with confidence.

Ready to get stronger from the inside out and build confidence in doing so?
Let's get started.

Pilates Classes
Access to private FB group
Expert interviews
Meditation sessions
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