We all know someone who is physically strong and very active and is fine when they’re out doing activity but it’s when they’re sitting, standing or walking that they get awful pain and discomfort. This can be due to the way they are activating and recruiting their muscles.

During our Beginner Mat Pilates session;

We Start At The Basics And Progress Gradually Building Upon What You’ve Learnt.
We Focus On The Correct Muscle And Try To Stop Compensatory Action In Other Muscles.
We Teach You How To Be Aware Of What You Are Doing; If You’re Not Aware Of Your Tummy, Back Or Pelvis For Example How Are You Going To Activate And Move Theses Areas To Get Stronger And Issue Free.
We Focus On The Main Principles And Once You’ve Nailed Those You Can Adapt Them To All Moves And Your Everyday Activities.

Inside the Beginner Mat
Pilates Course you get;

A woman is doing a plank exercise on a blue mat.
Week 1
Learn to feel abdominal and the support it. Show you how to do pelvic tilts and the importance of that movement and practise them in different position to help with posture
A woman in a pink shirt is doing a yoga pose.
Week 2
Recapping over Week 1 as we add on progressions. Move the body in all positions while focusing on not allowing legs compensate for tummy activity.
A woman laying on a yoga mat in a room.
Week 3
Introducing exercises in standing and challenge your balance. Working on muscles balance, while all the principles we’ve learned in week 1 & 2 being brought together.
A woman in a pink shirt is doing a yoga pose.
Week 4
Recapping over all moves, focusing on a smooth flow ensuring to recruit the correct muscles even though we're moving faster.

Why do Mat Pilates?

Improved muscular activity/balance between left & right
Improved co-ordination and balance.
Strengthening of muscles and joint structure.
Helps with pre- and rehabilitation for surgery.
Improved flexibility and increased stability to spine.
Stress management and improved sleep.
Increased concentration.
Improved body awareness

Along with these benefits of Pilates itself, you also have the extra benefits of this online platform;

Access It Anytime Any Place
Move At A Pace That Is Comfortable To You
Don’t Have To Commute Or Waste Time Getting From A To B
Can Practice During The Week Knowing That You Are Getting The Correct Instruction Every Time
Can Stop And Start Video And Go Over Areas You’re Not Sure About Or Feel You Need To Hear Twice

How Much Does Beginner Mat Pilates Cost?

From my experience a lot of people start Pilates because they were told to by their doctor or specialist, but Pilates can help prevent you having to take some of these visits. Pilates improves muscular strength, coordination and helps improve flexibility and with my classes you will get a good understanding of how to tune into how you’re doing your everyday activities. In my beginner classes we introduce exercises in standing to challenge balance but to also ensure we help strengthen our bones with non-impact weight bearing exercises.

For only €40 for 1 month and if you wish to continue working on these videos, you can continue to access them for only €9.99 per month after which can be cancelled at anytime.

Hi, I'm Laura,
So what have I got to give?

During my training as a Sports & Exercise Rehabilitator, along with having to understand how to assess and treat injuries, you also need to be able to see what’s happening when people are moving, know what’s going on and how to help with their movement. I found the Pilates a huge benefit for this. Through Pilates, I've gotten a better eye for movement and for how to perfect my verbal instruction to make it clear to my class what to do next. I've stepped away from the tradition method of Pilates for my beginner mat session to focus on recruiting the correct muscles, so you don’t get caught up on the breathe (just breath will be good) and so we focus on stopping whatever compensatory actions that are happening.