Pilates Fusion

Looking to move, get the heart rate up BUT avoid impact ??

Pilates fusion classes are a mix of Pilates Barre style and Circuit style sessions. They are designed to target the whole body, get your heart rate up while using equipment you’d find around your home. This set of sessions will challenge your core, flexibility and overall strength and its away from the traditional Pilates style. No matter what your age or ability there is something for you within this membership. These sessions were recorded throughout the lockdowns and we have a big variety of sessions, targeting different areas.

Pilates Fusion strengthens your heart as well as strengthening your body.

Pilates Fusion gets the whole body moving so is great to help increase the heart rate and a great way to distract your mind. We all have a lot more going on in our head these days and perhaps are a lot more sedentary so we need to ensure to look after ourselves and keep moving. Pilates Fusion is a great way to clear your head as your focusing on what exercise and body part your moving along with getting the physical benefits from it too.

During our Pilates Fusion sessions;

We try get the whole body moving. Adaptations and progression are available within the sessions.

We do small sections of co-ordination & balance with is important for us to keep a healthy body.

We challenge flexibility and try get the whole body moving

We teach you how to be aware of what you are doing; If you’re not aware of your tummy, back or pelvic for example how are you going to activate and move theses areas to get stronger and issue free.

We build on the main principles to progress but always adaptations given so you have the choice to make the exercises easier if need.

The benefits of this online platform;

Access it anytime, any place

Can do a workout every day for the same price. 

Don’t have to commute or waste time getting from A to B.

Can practise during the week knowing that you are getting the correct instruction every time.    

Work around your schedule

Energy of a class in the comfort of your own home.

Can stop and start video and go over areas you’re not sure about or feel you need to hear twice.

Why do Pilates Fusion?

Improved muscular activity/balance between left & right

Improved co-ordination and balance  

Strengthen your bones  

Improved flexibilityIncreased stability to spine 

Stress management and improved sleep  

Strengthening of muscles and joint structure

Improved body awareness  

Improved concentration

 What some of our clients had to say

Grainne McCormack

"The Pilates Fusion class is great for strength and conditioning, while being gentle on the joints, which is important to me. It’s a challenging class but you move quickly through the reps and I like that alternatives are offered for different levels of fitness. I noticed a good improvement in my core strength after the first block of classes. It’s been great to be able to continue classes while in-studio classes are on hold, and Laura is very good at describing each exercise so that you know how you should be positioned/working each muscle, and the support is there should you need any further instruction."

Tracey Denney

"Laura's Pilates Fusion class is a great all in one exercise workout combing strength work, a little cardio with   movements to improve flexibility. I have found it's done wonders for my core strength and balance as I age. Laura is great at giving detailed alternatives to the more difficult exercises so you can work at your own level and her classes have helped in my recovery from a foot injury. Laura is a superb instructor who's kept me sane and healthy during lockdown."

Michelle Egan

I joined Laura's Pilates Fusion class last January and have been going every Friday since. The classes are always challenging and each week is different, which I love! I have started to notice a real difference in my flexibility since I first joined. It is a hour a week which I really look forward to. I'd encourage anyone to try a class.

How much does  Pilates Fusion Online Cost?

Within this membership you get the choice of our Pilates Barre style or our Circuit style, so variety is the spice of life. You can jump straight into your workout without having to think about it and have a good instructed workout done for the day without having to leave your house (no need to worry about not having the hair washes or your best tracksuit on).

We are a little more sedentary these days so hopefully this will give you the motivation you need to get moving and stronger without having to be worried about being conscious about what you’re doing, being with others or watching the clock .

For only €39.99 for 1 month and if you wish to continue working on these videos it will be €9.99 per month after which can be cancelled at anytime.

Hi, I'm Laura,
So what have I got to give?

During the lockdown it was a fantastic way to be accountable, keep people motivated and moving but also it is something that will stick with us going forward. Some of us will continue to exercise from home and will love the convenience of it, perhaps it’s to get your training done first thing in the morning or to warm you up and get you moving during lunch break. Throughout these sessions we let the class flow and I try get everyone moving throughout their whole body especially the spine. It has been great to be able to accommodate and keep people moving.