Pilates is a great way to continue exercising right through Pregnancy and Beyond (into your 4th trimester or for years after). 

Pregnancy taxes the weakest parts of a woman’s body and exposes the liabilities of a sedentary lifestyle’ -Elizabeth Nobel – essential Exercise for the Child Bearing Year, 2003.

Your body is continuously changing and growing to allow for the growth of your baby. We will;

Go through pregnancy specific exercises to support the growing wall of the abdominals

Gain awareness of our Pelvic Floor and remain confident 

Learn to contract & relax the Pelvic Floor

Learn how to breathe correctly and why breathing technique is so important

Show you techniques to help you loosen out your shoulders
(definitely useful for when baby comes home) 

Focus on posture to help keep your back and pelvis healthy

Practice strengthening exercises to help you recover quicker after birth 

Inside the Pre Natal Progressive
Pilates Course you get;

tired pregnant woman

Why you can no longer leave yourself LAST on your list of priorities

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Not being able to play with your kids or even tie your shoe-laces

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Unnecessary pain stopping you from doing the activities you love

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Lack of knowledge to help you manage your symptoms

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Stressed, low mood and lack of confidence

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Loss of independence and strength - can't do the shopping or pick up your kids.


Our customers love us!

Anna Riand 

“Did Pilates classes with Laura during my last month of pregnancy. Due to Covid-19 I couldn’t start from beginner. The classes were amazing, helped a lot with back problems & pelvic pain.”

Michelle Flynn

"Cannot recommend Laura highly enough, she went above and beyond to accommodate me during lockdown. Class was fantastic & again altered each exercise to suit everyone, really helped with my aches & pains." 

Doria Orfali

 "Laura's classes begin gently ensuring you have full awareness of your body and understand how to activate your core. I really felt that after every class my whole body was engaged and heart rate was up, keeping me fighting fit during pregnancy. Laura has lots of experience and a wealth of knowledge offering adaptations for any exercise if needed. Overall a great support during pregnancy and I would highly recommend her classes."

How much do you spend on Physio/ Treatment Visits?

I have been working with Pre Natal mums for years and I find that once they have an understanding of what's happening, it can help them so much, especially those struggling with hip & back pain.

A little education goes a long way. Within this platform you will be given little nuggets of information throughout the 6 weeks which will piece together to make you a strong and confident Momma. After each session you will become more aware of your posture, build strength and suffer less aches and pains. Meaning less visits to the Physio and more time and money to spend on pampering yourself. 

You can start today and have 24/7 instant access for 9 months for only €125 OR sign up to our payment option and pay €59.99 upfront and €9.99 per month with the option to cancel ANYTIME.

EXTRA EXTRA, read all about it!

When I was pregnant I wanted to know more about my overall health and what to expect so I have gone all out to get you the best information available  … I’m adding SOOO much more and FREE to this package. In addition to the Pilates sessions you will have access to; 

Meet the Experts Image

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews with Women’s Health professionals; Lorraine (Midwife), Rachel (Doula) and Gail (Nutritionist) (Invaluable).

Useful Video Image

Useful Videos

Useful tutorial video’s on topics such as “How to do a Pelvic Tilt” and why it is so important to be able to do this movement, I will bring you through stretching routines and more, to help improve your strength and flexibility throughout your pregnancy. Valued at €145

Meditation Image

Meditatition Sessions

 Meditation sessions to help you slow down and take time for yourself. This can be a mentally and physically taxing time, so we have a deep relaxation, a grounding meditation as well as a meditation to help you focus on your breath. Valued at €69

Facebook Group Image

Private Facebook Group

Most importantly the private Facebook page. This page will be a space to support each other and share your experiences with other   Mums. I have learned so much about what to expect and picked up great tips from other Mums, not to mention gained reassurance when I needed it. Value @ Priceless

Hi, I'm Laura, I'll be taking you through the lessons.

So why do I want to help you take control?

I have been working with pre and post natal women for years and from my experience informing and educating women is so important in helping them on their journey. What only seems like the smallest piece of information to one mother can be an invaluable insight to another. I am a mom to two little girls and when I was pregnant I had to search for answers. During my hospital visits I found that it was sometimes taken for granted that I’d know certain things or that I didn’t need to know others.

BUT if I was more informed about what to expect and knew that it can be normal to have a team of people in the labour ward with me when giving birth,  I would have been a bit more relaxed and not as worried about baby. It's the little things like this can help you even this far on through the process.

Laura Harney holding a tensegrity model
Pregnancy & Beyond

Ready to feel really good about your pregnancy?
Let's get started.

what youre getting…
Pilates Classes
Additional Tutorials
Expert interviews
Meditation sessions
Time to access content
24/7 for 9 Months Membership
Upfront €125

Monthly Membership Option:
€59.99 1st month
& €9.99 per month for 8 months