Laura's Pilates Tips & Tricks

Enjoy some short videos on some pilates movements to help you reconnect with your body.

Pilates Fundamentals

Pilates is centered on the principle of controlled movements, which aims to build strength and improve flexibility in a balanced manner. As a beginner, understanding the core fundamentals can significantly enhance your practice. Firstly, focus on developing a strong core - the powerhouse of your body, which stabilizes and supports every movement. Secondly, pay close attention to your alignment. Proper alignment prevents injuries and ensures you are effectively targeting the right muscle groups. Breathwork is another essential aspect; coordinating your breath with your movements helps in maintaining a steady pace and fostering concentration. Lastly, remember the principle of flowing movement; each exercise should transition smoothly into the next, promoting a workout that's efficient and graceful. As you embark on your Pilates journey, keep these tips in mind to make the most out of each session.


Shoulder Mobility Using Foam Roller

This exercise allows you gain gain mobility around the shoulder joint, upper spine and opens up the chest. This exercise is another reason why I prefer the long foam roller than the short ones. It is my favourite. It loosens our tightness around the shoulder area with mobility, making you aware of the whole joint capsule. The foam roller can be underestimated with its benefits. I would definitely recommend getting the long roller for these mobility exercises that will target everyone’s tightness.

Mobility Exercise for the Back and Spine Using a Foam Roller

This back exercise helps get movement into the Thoracic Spine and allows the spine to extend, which is something that we do not regularly do from one end of the day to the other. My favourite mobility exercises are done using a long foam roller, but for this one a short one will be fine. With our lifestyle these days and endless hours of administration, driving, ironing and perhaps our hobbies, our mid spine in particular can before very stiff and this will have an affect on shoulder mobility along with above and below this area.

Using a Spikey Ball to Release Muscle Tightness

The spikey massage ball is a great tool for releasing muscle tightness. The ball can help prevent injuries as it gets deep into the muscles and can be worked into those trigger points. The ball can get in and around all those boney points where the foam roller would be restricted.In the video you can see different ways to loosen out the Glute muscles. If you have a lot of tension you are better off lying down on your back. To increase the effect, bring the muscles into a stretched position like what can be seen in the video.

Foam Rolling-Front of Leg (quads, adductors, ITB, TFL)

The front of legs can get very tight so it is important to know how the help loosen them out and target the area of tightness specific to you. Flexibility throughout the muscles is very important for performance. Watch this video and see how you can move your leg and body to target different areas of tightness.

Foam Rolling- Back of Leg (calf, hamstring, glutes)

Many people hear that foam rolling is great and you should make sure you do it!!…..but ‘How do you foam roll?’ , a lot of people don’t know how and ask the same question. This video/tutorial is a brief sample of how to roll out the back of the leg and hip. Read the description for more tips.