Intermediate Mat Pilates

Step up your fitness game with this versatile set of self-guided video sessions, crafted to test your core stability, flexibility, and overall strength. Building upon the fundamental principles you've learned, we guide you through a series of progressive exercises that flow seamlessly from one to the next right on your mat.

Created during the lockdown period, this series boasts a rich variety of sessions, each zeroing in on different muscle groups and areas for a well-rounded workout. You'll appreciate the diversity, as no two sessions are alike, keeping your routine fresh and engagin

Pilates allows you to pay attention to how you move while clearing your head.

We all have a lot more going on in our head these days and perhaps are a lot more sedentary so we need to ensure to look after ourselves and keep moving. Pilates is a great way to clear your head as your focusing on what exercise and body part your moving along with getting the physical benefits from it too. During our Mat Pilates session;

We Teach You How To Be Aware Of What You Are Doing; If You’re Not Aware Of Your Tummy, Back Or Pelvic For Example How Are You Going To Activate And Move Theses Areas To Get Stronger And Issue Free.
We Focus On The Basic Principles For Safe Back And Build On Them.
We Challenge Flexibility And Try Get The Whole Body Moving
We Move Smoothly Around The Mat
We Build On The Main Principles To Progress But Always Adaptations Given So You Have The Choice To Make The Exercises Easier If Need.

The benefits of this online platform;

Access it anytime, any place
Can do a workout every day for the same price.
Don’t have to commute or waste time getting from A to B.
Can practise during the week knowing that you are getting the correct instruction every time.
Work around your schedule
Energy of a class in the comfort of your own home.
Can stop and start video and go over areas you’re not sure about or feel you need to hear twice.

Along with the benefits of training at home you have ALL benefits to Pilates as well:

Improved Muscular Activity/Balance Between Left & Right
Improved Co-Ordination And Balance
Helps With Pre- And Rehabilitation For Surgery
Improved Flexibility and Increased Stability To Spine
Increased Stability To Spine
Stress Management And Improved Sleep
Strengthening Of Muscles And Joint Structure
Improved Body Awareness
Improved Posture
Improved Concentration


What some of our clients had to say

A woman in a yellow and red jacket standing near the ocean.
Janet Heckman

“I have been working out with Laura and her team over the last year both in person when possible and then virtually during the 3 lockdowns.  When I started I was a novice at Pilates, 65lbs heavier and suffering from a shoulder injury. During this last lockdown I have been doing both the mat and the fusion Pilates classes - alternating them daily.  I feel like a new person.  I have built up my core strength, regained most of the range in my bad shoulder and shaped those awkward bits.  I don’t know what I would have done without Laura’s classes during our dark winter lockdown.  I recommend alternating the Mat and Fusion classes.”

A woman is holding a small white dog.
Jean Anne de Coury

"Cannot recommend Laura highly enough, she went above and beyond to accommodate me during lockdown. Class was fantastic & again altered each exercise to suit everyone, really helped with my aches & pains."

A person walking down a snow covered road.
Jackie Larkin

"Laura's Mat Pilates are the next best thing to being with her in the studio. It's a workout for mind and body and sets you up for the week particularly if you're working at a desk all day. Her directions are so clear and as she's doing the class alongside you there's never a feeling that you're doing it all wrong as she guiding you step by step. Brilliant for toning, flexibilitiy and mindfulness. Perfect antidote for the times we're in. Keep up the good work Laura."

How much is the Intermediate
Pilates Online Cost?

Within this membership you get the choice or the lucky dip of classes. You can jump straight into your workout without having to think about what body part you want to work or you can choice depending on what you fancy.  Each class is titled too describe what to expect. ie. Block 1 starts less technical but is challenging all the same and progresses as the block goes on. Plenty of variation is on offer.

We are a little more sedentary these days so hopefully this will give you the motivation you need to get moving and stronger without having to be worried about being conscious about what you’re doing, being with others or watching the clock .

For only €39.99 for 1 month and if you wish to continue working on these videos it will be €9.99 per month after which can be cancelled at anytime.

Hi, I'm Laura,
So what have I got to give?

During the lockdown it was a fantastic way to be accountable, keep people motivated and moving but also it is something that will stick with us going forward. Some of us will continue to exercise from home and will love the convenience of it, perhaps it’s to get your training done first thing in the morning or to warm you up and get you moving during lunch break. Throughout these sessions we let the class flow and I try get everyone moving throughout their whole body especially the spine. It has been great to be able to accommodate and keep people moving.