Mobility & Core for Golfers

Unlock your full potential in golf, a sport that demands seamless synergy of your entire body. Enhancing mobility across all muscle groups not only facilitates a broader range of motion but also fosters greater strength and power generation, vital components in elevating your game.

This program merges targeted core exercises with mobility routines, paving the way for refined control throughout your gameplay. Designed with insights gleaned from extensive studies on prevalent golf injuries, this self-guided video program aims to be your ally in preventing injuries and mastering the art of golf.

A Lot Of Joint Injuries Occur In Golf (Not To Mention The Sunburn!)

Back pain is at the top of a lot of studies, followed by elbows, shoulders and hips. I am not going to lie to you I’m not an expert on a golf swing but from studying videos of Professional vs. Amateur swings there are huge differences in movement and a lot is due to lack of mobility and compensatory movement as a result. Within this platform you will learn tips and exercises to mobilise and strengthen specific areas as well as moving the body as one unit.

Increases Muscular Length
Improve Joint Stability
Improve Co-Ordination
Improves Rotation Control
Increases Spinal And Hip Movements And Awareness
Short Stretching & Core Routines - Variations Available

Inside the Beginner Mat
Pilates Course you get;

Your Mobility & Core Program is made up of over 40+ mini videos and tutorials (and growing), that guides you through different exercises to target the whole body. These instructional videos can be followed in your own time and can be easily accessed.

A woman in a pink shirt is stretching her arm.


  • Stretching - static and dynamic
  • Tissue release techniques 
  • Resistance band exercises
  • How to combine a foam roller & mobility


  • Keeping in mind, everything is connected
  • Internal vs. External Rotation
  • Strengthening & Moving
A woman in a pink shirt is holding a toy.


  • Gaining awareness of movement
  • Techniques for self massage
  • All together now- Back, Glutes and Hamstrings
A woman in a pink shirt holding a black shoe.

Knee & Ankle

  • Stability vs. Mobility
  • Balance work
  • Clockwork challenge
A woman in a pink shirt holding a large object.

Elbow & Wrist

  • Stretching vs. Strengthening
  • Tips for Maintenance
  • Awareness
A woman in a pink shirt is doing exercises on a blue mat.

Core & Routines

  • Static & Dynamic Stretching
  • Awareness - no compensation Allowed
  • Core rotation Pkans

The benefits of this online platform;

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Access it anytime, any place
Can do a workout every day for the same price.
Don’t have to commute or waste time getting from A to B.
Can practise during the week knowing that you are getting the correct instruction every time.
Work around your schedule
Energy of a class in the comfort of your own home.
Can stop and start video and go over areas you’re not sure about or feel you need to hear twice.

Why do Mobility & Core for Golfers?

24/7 Instant Access
Designed specifically around the most common injuries in golf
Starting to incorporate moving the whole body
Improved Flexibility and Increased Stability To Spine
Increased Stability To Spine
Strengthening Of Muscles And Joint Structure
Improved Body Awareness
Improved Posture
Improved Concentration

How much does Pilates Fusion Online Cost?

This is a program that you can refer to at anytime. You can make your own program to work to depending on how you’re feeling or with all your favourites or work with the layouts and routines we have supplied.

Mobility & Core for Golfers has been specifically designs with golfers in mind. Working to build up mobility and strength in multidirectional movement to get you stronger from the inside out. This is your own personal physio on call for any ailments or areas you want to work on.

For only €39.99 for 1 month and if you wish to continue working on these videos it will be €9.99 per month after which can be cancelled at anytime.

Hi, I'm Laura,
So what have I got to give?

I've been asked in the past to do Pilates session with Golfers and those who know me know I like to personalise sessions to cater for the group I am dealing with. With people sitting a little more, it's important to encourage more movement and strength for when they return to their sport but also to help maintain and improve mobility and core strength. Improving mobility can not only improve your game but also your mood and energy. Throughout these videos we get the whole body moving and I will be adding more videos to the platform as it develops and requests are more than welcome.