Strong Moma's Movement Program

Strong Momas Pilates Program

Learn how to use your own body weight to get your muscles healthy and stronger so you can keep up with your kids as they grow and explore.

I have two kids, Annabelle born in 2018, and Cayla born in 2020 and they’ve thought me so much. Totally different pregnancy and births but Ive learnt so much from them.

The 'mom guilts’ defiantly begins when the first comes but you grow and get stronger with them, you have no choice. I found my second pregnancy a lot tougher but I wasn’t fit and personally I think that effected me throughout that pregnancy but it also gave me the push I needed to get strong post natally and develop this Strong Moma’s platform.

As they’re growing I am able to lift and carry them along with all their belongings, but I can do this with confidence.

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keep up with your kids as they grow and explore.!
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"Online class was perfectly convenient for the demands of working full time and family life"
"Strong Moms is brilliantly designed....class really made me tune into my posture, core strength and how to move properly to avoid injury"
Sandi Grey
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